“If you're looking for stunningly warm and authentic single or family photos, you HAVE to connect with Hayf.

I am in awe of the work they do, but mostly who they are as a person. Hayf is magic and will bring out the essence of you and your loves ones.”


“As a non-binary birthing partent, I yearned to be photographed with my pregnant belly but feared being misrespreseted. Hay made me feel saf and seen, as I am. Having someone take your picture is a very intimate thing.

Hayf captured the essence of a very special time in my life so gracefully, so artistically, and with so much warmth and respect for queer joy!”


“Hayfa made personal branding a fun and comfortable experience! As someone who is a bit nervous about getting in front of the camera, Hayfa's expertise and demeanor put me at ease at every step of the process. I am so excited to have professional, personalized images that reflect who I really am - this was a great investment in my business.”


“Absolutely loved working with Hayf! Hayf has such a great personality and heartfelt presence that made our session so fun and easy! We all felt comfortable right away!

Hayf was so great with our 3 year old and really got her to just be herself (Hayf captured her personality - quirks and all).

A million thanks to Hayf!”


“Working with Hayf was so lovely. They helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera, which I appreciated.

Even before the end of our session, I knew I would receive wonderful photos that displayed the ease I was feeling throughout it all.”


“Hayf immediately understood the style of photos we wanted for our maternity shoot and made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. They were also great about having out puppy around and integrating him in the photos.

We absolutely love the results. We highly recommend Hayf!”


“We have done many family photo shoots and that was by far the easiest and most fun. The kids had such a great time and Hayf was so efficient and patient. Thank you! I'm going to be contacting you about doing more family photos with my parents and sister's family. Thanks again!”


“I love my new headshots!

Thanks so much for everything, Hayf.

You made what I hate - photos of myself being taken - painless :)”


“Hayfa crushed it! I was kind of dreading having personal branding photos taken and getting in front of the camera. Hayfa made the experience feel safe and comfortable. We laughed A LOT! They were so warm, easy going and professional during the entire process.

I am so grateful to have professional personalized photos that capture who I really am- what a great investment in my business. I would highly recommend Hayfa to anyone!”


“Hayf created a positive, fun, and lighthearted atmosphere to capture the headshots I needed. They made me feel comfortable in front of a camera which doesn't always come easy for me.

I highly recommend Hayf for your next headshots!”


“Hayfa takes the most incredible photos, both posed and candid. In the middle of the shoot she captures the perfect tiny moments that you want to hold onto. Her photos are beautiful, sharp, and full of sweetness. Babies love and respond wonderfully to her, so if you are considering a baby shoot I highly recommend it!”


“This experience truly surprised me. I was feeling very nervous to have maternity photos taken, but Hayf put me at ease right away. They were fun, easy going and professional. The results were exactly as we had hoped: bright, chill and a perfect embodiment of this moment in a wild pregnancy journey.”


“Hayf’s whole personality brings out sense of play and being seen and wholesomeness that requires capturing! To experience a photoshoot with Hayf is feel like you’re with your kindest bestest friend. I’m extremely shy being photographed but Hayf’s exuberance and joy brought out images that I didn’t know could show that joy and fun! I’m so excited about my current exterior form as a trans GNC person and to have this beautiful experience with Hayf in Vancouver in my favourite outdoor elements will be memorable”